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You’d LOVE a hands-on trip with hands-off planning full of different food cultures. The only thing that would make it better? Connecting with others who also have a healthy relationship with food to enjoy it all as much as you do!

But traveling the world may be a close second.

eating delicious food is basically your favorite thing.

have we got the trip for you!

The Eating Expedition creates a first-hand experience when it comes to learning and experiencing food cultures.

from farms to factories,
        and food trucks to fine dining...

from farms to factories, and food trucks to fine dining...

Travel with us where we'll go behind the scenes and discover the unique agricultural + production side of a region’s food culture and see how it transforms into the dining experience we all know and love.

adventurous + open-minded

we take being a "foodie" up a notch!

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spring 2026

let's go to italy

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northern italy

fall 2025

two spots left!

northern italy

fall 2024

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